In my last post I spoke about my back problems, unfortunately one day later I additionally got another Problem: A joint mouse.

A piece of bone that has detached from my shinbone and now wanders freely around my foot ankle.

It must have been there since my youth, due to the attrition, but now the mouse is stuck in a place where it hurts like hell and I can only limp.

Due to all the pain this causes me I have quite the problems concentrating on the webcomic. Making mindless lineart etc. wouldn’t be a problem, but I just can’t concentrate on storytelling.

And I don’t want to do badly done pages, and I hope you don’t want that either.

I’m just sitting around all day doing mainly mindless things like gaming and internet. it’s boring. No swimming, no working at the zoo. Very sad. :C

It’s also sad, because I wanted to go on a Games and Comic Convention next week, which I can at this point probably forget and I really don’t want surgery, which will be done If the mouse doesn’t wander off soon.Just wanted to inform everybody who follows this comic!I’ll be back when I can.